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Evanescence Massage & Bodywork

"I started going to Katie for almost a year and a half and the experience has been great! When I started going to her I was utilizing the services of several massage therapists to get some variety and I planned on adding Katie into the mix. I ended up enjoying the massage so much that she has become my one and only massage therapist.Katie gives an excellent massage and really custom tailors my massage to what I like. The environment is relaxing and soothing and the conversation is fantastic too. I regard Katie as not only a professional massage therapist but also as a friend (and sort of an unofficial counselor). I highly recommend her! I always go for 90 minutes because an hour is just not enough. I look forward to my time with her every month!"

Nick B.

"Katie's massage room radiates a calm and sets a therapeutic tone that ushers in the massage. She is always very meticulous and focuses on my shoulders, chest, lower back, and calf problem areas, in addition to the whole body. The hot stones and hot towels are interesting and amazing additions that add an element of deeper therapy, release and relaxation, especially for my problem areas. She is the utmost professional at every step of the massage. At the end of every deep tissue massage i have received from Katie, i am always overcome with an incredible elated, almost intoxicating sensation of ease. Katie has been my therapist for over 3 months, and i have recommended her twice over to friends and would continue to do so. She is an awesome therapist and a great person with a personality to boot, which make each session priceless."

Mary D.

"Her hands are simply the most wonderful thing I've ever experienced. I've had many massages but none compare to experience with Evanescence Massage. From the first moment she laid hands on me I felt comfortable and safe. You can feel the love and healing flow from her hands, taking away the aches that have persisted for far too long.

Do you remember that time of warmth before you knew cold? That time of safety before learning unsafe? Back when a touch made everything alright? The level of care and skill provided by Evanescence Massage evokes memories of a time long before the daily cares of today.

I am a weekly client and can not do without my 90 minutes. It's become addictive."

Gary J.

‎"Her personality is as friendly and relaxing as her massages, and her smile puts you at ease immediately. From the first touch, you know that you are being helped by knowing and healing hands. She is very skilled in a number of massage modalities, and has employed several as we explore which ones work best for me and my needs. And that's the best part; with her it is a collaborative experience, as she is always seeking feedback verbal and non-verbal, and is always willing to adjust as she goes. The addition of hot stones in my second session was so unobtrusive that it took me a while to realize there was something new. The hot towel techniques were wonderful, too. The setting is very peaceful and private, and you feel like you are away from everything during the time she is working on you. I guess you could do a sixty minute session with her, but a full unhurried massage is much better at 90 or more minutes. My body felt better for days after each massage, and my energy was up as well. Must be the hands!

I can't recommend her highly enough, and I can't wait for my next session."

Steve D.